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Draft Code Documents

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Draft Zoning Code, Draft Zoning Map, and Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (September 20th Release)

Draft Documents

Draft Zoning Map

Previous Releases

If you’re interested in viewing previous versions of documents that have been released during the ZAP process, please click here. 

Informational Materials

Note: These informational materials have been released throughout the course of the ZAP process, and may not be reflective of what is included in the Draft documents posted above (September 20th, 2023 Release)

The Placemaking Plan Map from the Rochester 2034 Comprehensive Plan is the foundation for the DRAFT Zoning Code and Map. Adopted in 2019, this award-winning plan presents a vision and guidance for where different land uses are appropriate across the city, along with guidance for building and site design. You can read more about The Placemaking Plan here.

Other Informational Materials:

  • Frequently-Heard ZAP Topics
    • Document – a summary of various topics that frequently came up in the 700+ comments received as of April 21, 2022, as discussed with CPC on May 10, 2022
  • Public Comments Received as of April 21, 2022
  • Equity and ZAP 
  • Flexibility and ZAP 
  • Supporting and Fostering Homeownership
  • Existing Zoning Code

Reports to City Boards and Commissions

Public Input Sessions