During the City Planning Commission pre-meeting on Monday, May 23, 2022, the second batch of draft code sections will be released for community review and input.  In addition to the newly-released code, Articles 3 and 13 are being re-released as edited versions so the community can use them as reference and further comment on them.  The edits reflect some of the comments received to date.  Anyone wishing to attend the pre-meeting of the City Planning Commission on Monday can join us in Conference Room 223B on the second floor of Building B, City Hall, 30 Church Street. It is anticipated that the third and final batch of draft code sections will be released in September 2022 for community review.

Public meetings are being scheduled for June where the community will have an opportunity to hear a presentation on this batch of draft code sections, ask questions, and provide input.  In light of the recent Covid-19 infection rate, these meetings will likely be virtual only. Anyone who would like to submit a comment ahead of the public meetings may do so on this website at: https://rochesterzap.com/contact/